Dow Jones And Multi Level Marketing Updates- A/B Comparison

Does Jones Have A Ending Cycle? Let’s Compare!

Your waiting in line wandering to a dream if this market around the world has an ending let’s compare the matrix mlm networking dates.

Scenario A- High is 22,179.11                Scenario B- Low is 22,057.29

Difference is a 121.82 point to play with

divide 121.82 by 3 and you get is black,blue,red




So what to do with 40.61?

Compare commodities numbers


Silver up!

How many $16.54 in 40.61? 2 and a half

So overall we got a spirit lost in hype in the matrix with the whole market’s

In network marketing I compare the structured organization by a matrix that you see, so if you check out 3×3 matrix and don’t keep up with demand with the 2 and a half. You notice that half stands .50 and buying in a multi level marketing  company near $16.54 or $40.61 price range is the way to make good income. I would recommend an affiliate marketing table that they offer where you can invest less than $40.61 for around 3 months just to the information you need.

Remember the 7 days out of the week.