BioPerformance multi-level-marketing

A business that sold gasoline add on’s, often in the form of “fire pills”, which are to increase fuel consistency in automobiles.

Educational  “gasoline pills” are not effective with regard to fuel problem’s that need to be solved like electric vehicle’s as the answer. BioPerformance made other false claims, such as that the pills are non-toxic (primarily made of naphthalene, toxic chemical mothballs is what they say). Business was temporarily shut down on May 17, 2006 by the Texas Attorney General for also because of the company’s alleged false advertising claims. Accusing the company of a pyramid scheme

BioPerformance distributors now speaking out against BioPerformance because the business appears to have taken early precautionary measures to avoid refunds on the gas pill that was already used. MLM company BioPerformance accepted money gram from Walmart or local bank’s payments or check payments through usps mainly because of the top internet traffic in the united state’s of america . Multilevel marketing companies distributing sale’s that receive. have been known to not accept credit card merchant accounts due to charge backs from unsatisfied customers.