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1. Future of shopping

2. Workforce trends

3. Communications

4. Innovation

5. Demographic trends


Peer to peer selling is uniquely compressed to enhance the individual loaner shopping experience to win over potential customers. Additionally, bedroom type of businesses has led to a yearning for more intimate and high-touch customer buying interactions. Peer to peer marketing businesses are well positioned to foster intimacy, but how can the technology boom further amplify your consumer lead list’s? Younger employees are placing greater importance on careers with meaning over cash. Peer to peer companies need to appeal to a more mind thinking workforce, leveraging numbered system’s such as helping and caring, open-mind action’s, learning the education system.

Keeping job seeker’s looking to force engaged mood a sense of purpose would be  absolutely essential. Communicating must be tailored to shopper’s waning with a yawn of attention spans learning curves across the world and quick decision-making.

Peer to peer selling companies need to make communicating a succinct and as memorable as it can be. (Think succinct, visual eye catching and memory capable). With great interest in creative second/first careers, peer to peer businesses can attract marketing the growing boomer segment with unique propositions that fit your idea to get to the top. Peer to peer must be leverage social channels creatively to boost awareness and encourage personal recommendations.

As households shrink, peer to peer will need to tailor their offerings and communicating technology to emphasize flexibility.

With home’s taking numerous new shapes, brands and marketers have to evaluate new tactics to reach them.

From more single mom and dad’s needing self-care solutions or marketing portraying more diverse and inclusive family types, the direct selling industry must keep current with the ever-changing nuances of the American consumer.

The #1 definition of innovation is an easier way of doing something.

The peer to peer industry needs to simplify the buying experience for its shopping buying people. With stress levels at an all-time high cut your hair and leave, Americans need mental health solutions for this united state’s join to work. There is an opportunity for peer to peer businesses to provide solutions, particularly important are consumers’ rising needs for sleep, de-stress, and focus.